Saturday, May 13, 2017

Conceal Carry a Glock® or 1911?

I was asked what I think about Glocks® and 1911’s for concealed carry, and what where the ups and downs of the two? And why don’t more people carry 1911’s? So, as a public service, I present my top 5 list of handguns that are dreadfully overrated for everyday carry, yet nearly unimpeachable as your standard do everything handgun.

5) .357 Magnum Snub Nosed Revolvers -- There is nothing more useful than a revolver, you can even hunt big game with them. There is nothing more unfailing as a revolver, and there is nothing more durable or flexible than a revolver. A light weight snub nose 5 shot hammerless revolver is extraordinarily easy to conceal and carry. That being said, a light weight snubby in .357 Magnum is a beast to fire; it’s loud and obnoxious, and can be very uncomfortable to shoot with the smaller grips found on many concealable revolvers. Plus most snubbies come with gutter sights, which can put you anywhere on a target during recovery from a heavy recoil. Stick with the .38’s, 9mm’s, or .32 H&R Magnums and you’ll be fine.

4) CZ 75/75B Compact® -- They’re instinctive to use, extremely reliable, have great ergonomics, and able to accurately and smoothly put rounds down range. They are also heavy, hard to conceal, and have lots of things sticking out everywhere to snag on clothing, upholstery, purse linings, and pretty much anything and everything else soft or loose. There are now some ‘clones’ that have polymer frames, which decreases the weight somewhat, but with that the recoil increases. For a home defense handgun with frangible ammunition, these handguns almost can’t be beat.

3) 1911A1 Commander® or Officers® Models -- See #4, but add a .45 ACP to the equation, and you get more recoil and fewer rounds to put down range.

2) Anything larger than a .45 AC -- Why not smaller you ask? Bobby Kennedy was murdered with a .22 Short revolver; it’s all about shot placement and recovery folks. And the .50 AE or .45 Magnum, while great hunting rounds, are damn near uncomfortable to shoot even once! Twice hurts!

1) Anything Glock® -- This Austrian made handgun will feed gravel, and has become the prototypical striker fire duty pistol for military, law enforcement and security. Light weight, accurate, reliable and it can take a severe beating. So what’s not to like? Well let’s see, looks are somewhat slacking, and they are for the most part ergonomically uncomfortable. And for what you get, the price is kinda up there. But the biggest problem is the lack of safety devices that make the gun unsafe and risky to the average citizen. They are popular for military and law enforcement because these are who the handgun was designed for. Over 80% of all accidental discharges in the hands of civilians are from a Glock®. Of the 60 pending lawsuits currently against Glock®, over 90% are for accidental discharges. And 52% of accidental shootings by Law Enforcement are from Glocks®. I know of two people personally who have ‘accidentally’ shot themselves with a Glock®. One has a scar down his leg, the other is missing a finger on his left hand. Want a handgun that is more comfortable, just as expensive, a lot safer to shot, adored by both military and law enforcement, and is as reliable and accurate? Get yourself a Sig Sauer SC P250® or a Smith & Wesson Performance Center Shield®!

So what do I carry you ask? I carry a .32 ACP Cobra® derringer in my pocket at all times! If you are not going to carry at all times, why bother? I also have a Keltec® .32 ACP for running to the store or whatever. When I’m on my motorcycle, I carry a Charter Arms Pitbull® 9mm, and my go to for everyday carry is an SCCY® CPX2 9mm. Notice a theme here? With the exception of the derringer, all are DA style handguns that are both safe and reliable, are easy to carry, and all are very concealable.

Remember, Always Know You’re your Target and What’s Beyond, Finger Off The Trigger, and Train Train Train!

Thursday, February 2, 2017


I have often been asked why I am not a member of the NRA; well the short answer is that I was for years, until Wayne LaPierre took control. So that being said, when Wayne LaPierre unasses $900,000.00 of his $972,000.00 salary, I'll re-join the NRA! Until that day, the NRA will no longer receive my support!


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